The Philippines to renew EU-GSP+ in 2023 for competitive advantage

The Philippines will renew its special incentive arrangement on the EU GSP+ for competitive advantage. This Generalized Scheme of Preferences (GSP) allows duty-free exports (under 6,000 tariff lines) to the European Union. This enables cheaper entry of Philippine goods into the EU market.

Mr. Bryan Balco, Project Manager of the ILO Trade for Decent Work, emphasized that the GSP+ Agreement will be renewed when it expires by the end of 2023. For the Philippines to continue with the incentives of the EU GSP+, the country must meet specific requirements.

To comply with the renewal, the Philippines must respect and uphold the rights of its workers. For it is every country’s fundamental duty to protect its citizens from risks and danger. As the Philippines faces numerous human rights violations, the PBBM Administration must focus on strictly implementing the protection and safety of its citizens, especially the labor force, for decent work; recognizing their importance and contribution to the Philippine economy. This was highlighted during the International Labor Organization – European Union (ILO-EU) Stakeholders Consultation with the heads of the garments industry, government representatives, workers, and employers.

For more information regarding the EU GSP+ benefits and requirements, please visit the links below: AGPM

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