BOC launches iDeclare to ease services at the airport

The Bureau of Customs launched iDeclare to add its newest addition to its modern systems and innovations for more convenient and faster customs services at the airport.

Effectively on April 29, 2022, Customs Administrative Order No. 01-2017 outlined the clearance procedures for air and sea travelers. Together with CMO No. 11-2022, it provided guidelines for the electronic implementation of the said CAO.

The CMO had required all inbound travelers and crew members to accomplish the electronic customs baggage declaration form (eCBDF), including the Electronic Currency Declaration Form (eCDF), if applicable, in the eCBCD System before or upon arrival in all ports of entry.

Accessible by logging in at or the designated kiosks at the customs arrival and departure area. The traveler or crew member must select Arrival or Departure on the eCBCD dashboard. After successful registration, a QR code is generated on the eCBCD page and sent to the registered email address of the traveler or crew member to be downloaded for the customs officer’s clearance and validation at the arrival or departure area.

Travelers will be categorized into green and red lanes. Green lanes are for travelers with nothing to declare, while red lanes are for those with goods to declare for import duties and taxes or goods above the exempted customs limit. In contrast, Crew members will be directed to the lane provided for the physical examination of their baggage.AGPM

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