Zero Backlog Policy, Paigtingin! 3-7-20, Laging Sundin!

ARTA is the government agency mandated to administer, implement, and monitor compliance with the national policy on anti-red tape and the “Ease of Doing Business and Efficient Government Service Delivery Act of 2018”.

The strengthened version of the law aims to facilitate prompt actions or resolutions of all government transactions. It applies to all government offices, agencies, and other government instrumentalities, whether located in the Philippines or abroad.

The Ease of Doing Business and Anti-Red Tape (EODB-ART)
In line with the aforementioned above, the EODB-ART Advisory Council adopted and endorsed the Memorandum Circular (MC) on the Zero Backlog Report last 23 February 2022.

All government agencies are mandated to implement a Zero Backlog Program to ensure fast, efficient, convenient, and reliable services. The newly adopted issuance aims to provide guidelines on automatic approval and automatic extension of license, clearance, permit, certification, and authorization.

The processing periods provided for under the said law are as follows:

  • For simple transactions – within three (3) days;
  • For complex transactions – within seven (7) days; and,
  • For highly technical transactions – within twenty (20) days.

ARTA will then be conducting random monitoring of government agencies. This initiative does not necessarily mean that government agencies must approve all the applications and requests submitted before their offices. The new MC directs government agencies to be more proactive in addressing the applications and requests submitted before their offices.

By adopting efficient measures in addressing applications and or renewals, the said MC paved the way for the business entities who aspire to venture into export. It will also persuade those already in the export business to maintain and continue their active participation in the exporting community.

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