DICT responds to the need for an abrupt shift for Digitalization

DICT responds to the need for an abrupt shift for Digitalization pushed by the global health crisis brought by the COVID-19 Pandemic. The majority of businesses are currently leveraging the use of online platforms to continue their market. As part of the new normal adaptation, online platforms are an excellent measure to sustain their market demand.

As part of its commitment to EDC in the implementation of PEDP being one of the agencies under MC 27, the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) hastened to implement and improve the National Broadband Program (NBP) on internet connectivity throughout the country. It aims to improve Internet speed by accelerating fiber optic cables and wireless technologies to enhance the country’s Internet speed and ensure that all Filipinos have access to broadband capability.

The program will serve as the foundation for the country’s socio-economic growth by harnessing the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Resources.  Also, to address the challenges of being among countries with the slowest internet speeds, the inability to compete economically with its neighbors due to limited investments, and low quality of education because of limited access to information.

Another initiative of the Department is the “Free WIFI for All” Project, which aims to empower the Filipino people digitally by tapping existing technology and ensuring that the benefits derived from these advancements are available to everyone. Per Republic Act 10929, the Free Public Internet Access Program shall provide free access to Internet service in Public places throughout the country.

DICT also developed theDigital Cities and Provinces Program” (DCPP). The said initiative is an umbrella program consisting of five components that aim to enhance local economies’ readiness for the growth of IT-BPM industries in their areas. The DCPP features: 1) Career and Competence Portal for easy access of information and job opportunities; 2) Roadshows (onsite and virtual) to promote awareness of the IT-BPM industry and potential for jobs creation; 3) Trade Missions to select geographic markets with the IT and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) as industry partner; 4) Roadmap Recalibration to better understand the industry post-COVID and to ensure that the Philippines remains a preferred destination; and 5) Digital Cities: 25 in 2025 to promote growth and expansion in alternative locations outside the established hubs or Centers of Excellence.

Visit DICT’s website at https://dict.gov.ph for more details on the programs mentioned.PKC

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