BOC and BPI collaborate on ASEAN e-Phyto Certificate

The Bureau of Customs (BOC) and the Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI) collaborate on the Electronic Phytosanitary (e-Phyto) Certificate system with Indonesia and Thailand. This program reinforces BOC’s modernization and digitalization efforts, specifically for issuing and verifying phytosanitary certificates in agricultural products throughout the region. BOC and BPI agreed to join the pilot e-Phyto exchange with Indonesia and Thailand  starting June 2023.
The two agencies will continue collaborating  to enable the effective testing and placement of the e-Phyto Certificate exchange. This will entail continual cooperation and support from ASEAN countries throughout the testing phase.

The e-Phyto Certificate is a digital version of the phytosanitary certificate, which ensures that agricultural products exported are free of pests and diseases that could harm the crops of the destination country. The use of digital technology will improve trade process efficiency while lowering the risk of fraud and errors associated with paper-based systems

For more information, please visit the BOC websiteAGPM

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